RULE OF PARENTING #13: Too Busy for the Kids? 5 Ways You Can Make Time for Your Kids

5 Ways To Make Time for Your Kids

Rules Of Parenting - # - Mother Son CookingLoving parents find ways to show up for their kids, regardless of the busy schedules. Being there for your child means frequently spending time with him, learning more about him and giving him your full attention. Indeed, children whose parents are present in their lives are happier and healthier. Here are some pointers for being adequately there for your kids:

1. Get Involved in Your Child’s Activities

According to Lauren Steinberg, author of The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting, the level of parent involvement in a child’s life significantly impacts on the mental health, happiness level, and the social outlook of the child. Your child is bound to have a high self-esteem, perform better at school and is less likely to seek attention in harmful behaviour when you participate actively in their lives. Attend their musical, karate class, baseball game, plays and any school activities that he is involved in. Speak to is teachers and be intimately involved with his schoolwork. Just by being present during these activities, you will show your child that you love, value and support him.

2. Share Meals

Sharing meals as a family is one of the best of ways of bonding with your kids. Eating together encourages an element of togetherness and as a parent, you can easily see whether any of your children is happy during mealtime, just from how they behave. Even if you cannot eat together every night, set out at least 3 nights a week when you can all come together and share dinner or breakfast. Every once in a while, have themed dinners and encourage your kids to prepare the meal with you. Time spent in the kitchen can be opportune for talking with your kids about anything from friends, school, and anything that is one their mind.


3. Plan Special Time

Sometimes you just have to set aside special time to be with your kids. This is especially true in a go-go-go world where kids and parents have full schedules. Plan fun activities that you can do with your children (together or individually), after school or in the weekend. You could plan for a picnic, a shopping trip, a walk in the park, a weekend road trip, a movie night, a night for snuggling together—anything that you and your child enjoy and that will bring the two of your closer. You will be surprised how much your kids, even the teenagers, appreciate spending special time with you. It shows you care and love them.


4. Include Them In Your To Do List

Do not be too engrossed in ticking off the things on your to do list that you forget your children. Instead of running around alone getting things done, why not ask your kids to help you with your list? This way, you will make them feel valued enough to be part of your day-to-day activities instead of being an ignored part of mom’s or dad’s list. You will also have the opportunity to spend more time together and to your advantage, you will have more things done in a short time!


5. The Babysitter Is Not Enough

Placing your tot in baby care is just a way of managing your time better; it should not be an excuse for not being there for him. Even if you have a babysitter or daycare services, make time to hold your child frequently when you are together. After work, take over the needs of your young one—feed him yourself, bathe him and cuddle him. For the toddlers, be sure to tuck them in and snuggle; this could be a great time to talk about what is going in their life. Body contact and face-to-face interaction with your young child is an expression of love and his is bound to grow as healthily as other children whose parents stay at home with them.


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