RULE OF PARENTING #10: Mommy and Daddy Love: 5 Tips on Staying in Love While Raising Children

Mom and Dad: Your Relationship

Rules Of Parenting - # - Family 4 Outside SmilingEven the happiest couple can easily forget about their relationship once the kiddies come in. Yet the truth is that when mom and dad are happy, the children will be happy. Taking the time and putting the effort to nurture your relationship is the first step towards building a happy family.

Here are five tips for having a strong relationship while raising kids:

1. Stop and Make Time

It is hectic raising a child and it seems as though there is simply no time for the two of you. But, there will never be time unless you take deliberate steps to make time for each other. It could be at night when the tot is well tucked in, in the morning before the kids are up or if possible, steal some time in the middle of the day. Even as busy parents, make an excuse to be together, instead of making excuses to be apart.

2. Nurture Your Friendship

To stay strong as a couple raising children, you need to cultivate a sense of partnership and friendship. It is all too easy to view your spouse as the enemy when you feel fatigued, anxious and overwhelmed from raising children. Show your spouse that you care about him or her by taking an interest in their life. Ask each other about your day, laugh often and engage in small talk about anything interesting. Expressing care for your spouse will go a long way in securing your relationship for the long term.


3. Take Care of the Roles

There is just so much to do when raising children. Parents need to support each other in the roles, to ensure that no one feels too overwhelmed, something that can be a major source of conflict. At the onset, discuss what each one should do with the children and around the house. If one or both of you are career parents, it is also important to talk about the intricate issues of balancing career and home life. It is essential that neither mom nor dad view the children as an obstacle that is keeping them from advancing in their careers. Talk about babysitters, day care or asking for help from family member if need be.


4. Make Time for Intimacy

Sex is another area of relationships that is affected by the onset of children. The fatigue and lack of time can easily cause you to slack on lovemaking. But most couples will admit that the absence of sex is not beneficial to either of them. Besides, your kids do not need grungy and tense parents. So, relieve the tension and get intimate as often as you can. You will certainly be happier and happy parents, means happy kiddies. If you wait for spontaneity, it may never happen. Just plan for it.


5. Agree About Parenting Techniques

Most couples often approach parenting differently. If the style of bringing up your children is different from that of your partner, you should talk things over. Void of clear communication, this could be grounds for unending conflicts and the kids could use it to play you off against each other. Settling on the best parenting techniques is largely a trial and error affair; so try your partner’s approach for a while; if it does not work with your children, you could try yours or any other method that works. Instead of fighting over whose technique is better, have fun trying out different techniques to see which one is appropriate for your children.


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