RULE OF PARENTING #3: Being a Good Role Model: 6 Ways For Parents to Walk Their Talk

Walk Your Talk As A Parent

Rules Of Parenting - # - Relaxed MotherMany studies have shown that children learn behaviour through modelling and imitation of their parents’ behaviour. Parents play a significant role in the healthy development of their children through the values they demonstrate and instil. As such, it is important for good, loving parents to be good role models whose behaviour their kids can emulate.

Here’s how you can walk your talk as a parent:

1. Encourage respect Within the Family and towards others

Respect for others is an essential value. Being a good role model for your children with regard to respect, starts within the family. How you speak to your children and your spouse will determine whether your children will learn the value of respect. Do not speak rudely to anyone in the family, listen to your children and partner, solve conflict in a calm, rational manner, and always show that you value everyone equally. As such, your kids will learn how to respect you, their siblings, friends and others in the community even when faced with conflict or tough situations.

2. Demonstrate Self-Worth

Do you value yourself? The parent’s self worth will impact significantly on that of the child. To demonstrate self worth, be sure to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Eat healthy, exercise and groom yourself so that you look presentable to your kids. A parent who is full of self worth generally tends to be vibrant, more involved and simply fun to be around. How else will you boost your child’s self-esteem with regard to body image if you continue to eat unhealthy food and shun exercises?



3. Discuss and Impact Family Values

What does your family stand for? Family values are derived from parents. Talk to your kids about sex, drugs, social and personal accomplishments, community and family. Show them your stand on these issues and follow this up with behaviour that supports the values you are seeking to instil. If you tell your children that drug abuse is unacceptable in your family, you should not be doing the contrary and abusing drugs or alcohol. If accomplishment is an important family value, you must also demonstrate accomplishment in your own life.



4. Express The Importance of Personal Development

Parents with a sense of purpose tend to extend positivity and vibrancy to their children. Are you passionate about life, your career, your spouse and other people or are you always gloomy and not seeking for more in life? You cannot expect your children to feel a sense of purpose when you do not exhibit that vibe. Encourage adventure, self-development through trying out new positive things, reading and participating in the community. This will take out the boredom and will help your children to grow into happier and independent adults.


5. Demonstrate Courage Not Fear

Children, even the teenagers look up to their parents in bad and good times. You want to teach your kids how to solve problems effectively without bulking or cowering. Your kids need to see you solving issues with a positive and practical approach instead of hiding behind drug and alcohol abuse, consumerism, blaming others, being pessimistic or withdrawing. If your children are grown enough and if appropriate, let them in on the issues you are facing and assure them that you will solve them. On the same note, solve issues together as a family.


6. Foster a Sense of Morality

Every loving parent wants his child to do the right thing. But, your children will only know right from wrong if you tell and show them. Discourage negative or immoral behaviour such as gossiping, stealing, cheating, rumour spreading, bullying. You must not engage in these behaviours if you do not want to see your children espouse them. In the long run, you will bring up morally upright children who understand wrong from right.


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